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The magic

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Sottoguda village

Sottoguda is a little Alpine village, set like a precious jewel at the foot of Mount Marmolada, in the heart of the Dolomites. Thanks to its absolute uniqueness, Sottoguda was awarded as one of the most beautiful villages of Italy in November 2016. Sottoguda has preserved intact all its rustic architectural treasures, chalets known as tabièi, that reflect the traditional Ladin style. There are also many stone and brick-built houses, the work of the finest craftsmen of days gone by.

La Gola dei Serrai

The sheer magic of one of nature’s temples

Let time stand still and leave the stress of your everyday life behind you. Once you have entered into that magical place that is the canyon La Gola dei Serrai in Sottoguda, it will be impossible to resist being carried away by the enchanting sounds, fragrances and sensations. Whether you visit the canyon on foot, by bike or aboard the little Serrai sightseeing train, all that natural energy will recharge your batteries, leaving you totally reinvigorated.

The Gola dei Serrai di Sottoguda is a natural attraction that is truly one of a kind, a canyon created by a powerful earth tremor and then gradually eroded by the waters of the Pettorina mountain stream. The sheer rock walls are so close to each other that at some points they touch.

The Gola dei Serrai runs for about 2km, from Sottoguda to Malga Ciapela, at the foot of Mount Marmolada. In summer the footpath snakes through the natural bridges and countless delightful waterfalls. Why not stop off at the Grotta della Madonna (the grotto of Our Lady) or visit the chapel of S. Antonio.

In winter you can hear the tinkling sounds made by the climbing equipment of innumerable adventurers from all over the world, eager to conquer the frozen waterfalls of Sottoguda. Heading down from the roof of the Dolomites and the biggest glacier in those mountains, in a few minutes you can ski back to Sottoguda through a landscape of breath-taking beauty.

In the summer the natural parkland, Parco Naturale dei Serrai di Sottoguda can be visited on foot, by bike or you can take the charming little sightseeing train.

The wrought iron art of Sottoguda

Centuries-old art and tradition

The tradition of wrought iron in Sottoguda is rooted in antiquity, first developed to make weapons and shields for the armies of the Venetian Republic and Tyrol, later providing tools for woodsmen and peasant farmers, finally to evolve into creative ornamental pieces, made with the utmost skill and of unrivalled elegance.

Treat yourself to a work of art that will render your home truly unique or surprise your loved ones with an original souvenir made entirely by hand.

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