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THE Hotel La Montanara RESTAURANT

Flavours of the Dolomites and exclusive recipes from our kitchen

In our traditional-style restaurant with its open-air terrace you can taste not only the timeless classics of Dolomite cuisine but also some exclusive dishes, specialities of the house, such as gnocchi alla Montanara.

All our dishes have one thing in common - authentic flavours created as they always have been from the bounty bestowed on us by Mother Nature. Garden salad, wild spinach (créson) and bladder campion (grìjoi), rhubarb, butter and ricotta from the Ombretta pasturelands at the foot of Mount Marmolada, the true taste of the mountains in every bite. Comfortably seated on the open-air terrace, you can enjoy the simple pleasure of a tasty dish and a glass of good wine, to the soundtrack of the rushing waters of the mountain stream.

To make your holiday in Marmolada an exceptional taste experience.


Sample a delicious liqueur in the company of Mount Marmolada

In the mountains there’s always a good excuse for a celebration: an exhilarating day in the open air, a mountain peak conquered, a romantic tryst, a family get-together. Mountain pine, Swiss pine, garden cress, gentian, genepy, achillea, rhododendron, elder and summer berries are all ingredients for liqueurs that are right for any occasion, not to mention a carefully selected menu of the best varieties of white grappa.

During your stay at Hotel La Montanara the glorious natural surroundings will give you glimpses of rare beauty. The umpteen local products are cooked with enormous skill to offer you an authentic gastronomic experience. Sottoguda is the place to come, where time has stood, for a relaxing break of pure pleasure.


A tasty treat at Hotel La Montanara

The true homeland of the very best artisan ice-cream, the Belluno area boasts a long tradition dating back to the end of the 19th Century. Milk, eggs and ice, all raw ingredients found in abundance in the Dolomite valleys, prepared with loving care and expertise have made this the world’s most popular dessert. Armed with their little carts, the ice-cream makers of Belluno spread their wings in search of fame and fortune, exporting this delight to the furthest reaches of planet where it is known and loved by all.

Who doesn’t like ice-cream? A brilliant master ice-cream-maker has let us into all his secrets for preparing the traditional recipe, using fresh milk, eggs and no artificial additives, to present you with a dessert that is natural, creamy, refreshing and full of flavour. Unforgettable flavours like honey and cinnamon, elder flower and Heidi’s treat.

After a pleasant stroll in Sottoguda, among the picturesque traditional chalets, known as tabié, you can rediscover the authentic flavours of days gone by with a delicious sweet treat.

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